Propeller Island (1895)

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Published: 1895
Pages: 191
Publisher: Panther
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Panther mass paperback, Jan. 1965, Panther 1783, 191 pages. 12mo (7" x 4.25") Paperback reissue of The Fitzroy edition of Jules Verne, edited by I. O. Evans, although not explicitly stated, published in hard cover in 1961. First published as L'Ile a helice in 1895, most English translations give the title as The Floating Island, or as Floating Island or the Pearl of the Pacific. Plot synopses: A French string quartet (Sébastien Zorn, Frascolin, Yvernes and Pinchinat), traveling from San Francisco to their next engagement in San Diego, is diverted to Standard Island. Standard Island is an immense man-made island designed to travel the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The wealth of residents of the island can only be measured in millions. The quartet is hired to play a number of concerts for the residents during their tour of the islands (Sandwich, Cook, Society, etc.) of the South Pacific. The island seems an idyllic paradise; however, it is an island divided in two. The left half's population is led by Jem Tankerdon and is known as the Larboardites. The right half's population is led by Nat Coverley and is known as the Starboardites. Despite the obstacles encountered on their journey, the two parties have a disagreement that threatens the future of the island itself. -- From Product Description
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