Dropped from the Clouds (1874)

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ISBN: 1406731641
ISBN-13: 9781406731644
Published: 1874
Pages: 320
Publisher: Hesperides Press
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DROPPED FROM THE CLOUDSBY JULES VERNEAUTHOR OF TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, AROUNDTHE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS, THE FUR COUNTRY, ETC.CONTENTS. CHAPTER I The storm of 1865 Voices in the air A balloon carried away by a whirlwind Five passengers What happened in the car CHAPTER II. An incident in the war of secession The engineer Cyrus Harding Gideon Spilett The negro Neb Pencroft the sailor The night rendezvous Departure in the storm CHAPTER III. Five oclock in the evening The missing one Nebs despair Search towards the north The islet A dreadful night A fog in the morning Neb swims Sight of land Fording the channel. CHAPTER IV. Lithodomes Hie rivers mouth The chimneys Continued researches The forest of evergreens Waiting for the ebb On the heights The raft Return to the shore CHAPTER V. Arranging the Chimneys How to procure fire A box of matches Search on the shore Return of the reporter and Neb A single ma RWA roaring fire The first supper, and night on shore CHAPTER VI. The inventory of the castaways NothingBurnt linen An expedition to the forest Flight of the jacamar Traces of deer Couroucous Grouse A curious fishingline CHAPTER VII. Neb has not yet returned The reporters reflections Supper A threatening night The tempest is frightful They rush out into the night Struggle against the wind and rain Eight miles from the first encampment CHAPTER VIII. Is Cyrus Harding living ? Nebs recital Footprints An unanswerable question Cyrus Hardings first words Identifying the footsteps Return to the Chimneys Pencroft startled CHAPTER IX. Cyrus is here Pencrafts attempts Rubbing wood Island orcontinent The engineers projects In what part of the Pacific Ocean? In the midst of the forests The stone pine Chasing a capybara An auspicious smoke CHAPTER X The engineers invention The question which engrosses the thoughts of Cyrus Harding Departure for the mountain Volcanic soil Tragopans Sheep The first plateau Encampment for the night The summit of the cone CHAPTER XI. At the summit of the cone The interior of the crater Sea all round No land in sight A birdseye view of the coast Hydrography and orology Is the island inhabited? Christening the bays, gulfs, capes, rivers, c.Lincoln Island CHAPTER XII. Regulating the watches Pencroft is satisfied A suspicious smoke Course of Red Creek The flora of Lincoln Island The fauna Mountain pheasants Chasing kangaroos An agouti Lake Grant Return to the Chimneys CHAPTER XIII. CHAPTER XIV CHAPTER XV CHAPTER XVI. CHAPTER XVII. CHAPTER XVIII. CHAPTER XIX. CHAPTER XX. CHAPTER XXL CHAPTER XXII. -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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