Project Exorcism II: Force of Attraction (2009)

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Published: 2009
Pages: 110
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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Futuristic SciFi Shapeshifter Paranormal RomanceWhen the heart sets its course, even home is no escape...Project Exorcism, Book 2With a Commission uniform on her back and an engagement ring from the ship commander on her finger, a normal life is finally within Dr. Marisa Langston's reach. If she can just learn to love her fiancé, everything will be perfect. Except for the perfectly arrogant Lieutenant Commander Bradi Janelle. He not only gets on her last nerve, he makes her body burn with a hunger only he can satisfy. Distraction is dangerous for a woman who has something to hide...especially when the ship is sabotaged.Bradi isn't looking for a mate. Hell, he goes out of his way to avoid the prospect altogether--until the sexy little number in the infirmary makes a mockery of his ladies' man façade. Now, trapped with her in an escape pod, she's way too close for comfort. Too close to deny himself the heaven of her body. And her semi-conscious ramblings reveal way too much information--secrets that are dangerous for them both.Their out-of-control hormones are the least of their problems. The pod is careening toward his home planet. Once there, Marisa won't be the only one with nothing left to hide...This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.Warning: Contains steaming hot baby-making in close quarters, sexy shifters in a galaxy far, far away, and a giant eel. Don't worry, it's friendly. Most of the time.Project Exorcism BooksParanormal Payload (B002FK3TZQ)Force of Attraction (B002R2OF64)Point of No Return (B003MQM74G)Civil Twilight (B007VHANDY)If you enjoyed The Project Exorcism Series by Mandy M. Roth you might also like, Immortal Ops, King of Prey, Sacred Places and Gypsy Nights, all by Mandy as well. -- From Product Description

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