Aces Abroad (1988)

#4 in Wild Cards,
 5 (1 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0743452410
ISBN-13: 9780743452410
Published: 1988
Pages: 320
Publisher: I Books
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When a group of SF's most imaginative writers discovered they shared a secret love of the larger-than-life heroes of the four-color comics and Saturday matinee serials, they gave each other a challenge: What would our world be like if these superhuman heroes and villains had been real flesh-and-blood men and women who lived through this century's most turbulent history? In Wild Cards 4: Aces Abroad, it's discovered that, though the Wild Cards virus burst into existence over New York City, the plague that followed was not confined to the United States. It spawned Aces and Jokers in every country on Earth. Now a fact-finding mission seeks the truth about how Wild Cards are treated in other nations. From the jungles of Haiti to the Great Wall of China and behind the Iron Curtain, the Wild Cards team investigates the fate of their fellows everywhere. -- From Product Description

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