Baby Love (1999)

 3.8 (10 RATINGS)
ISBN: 0380799375
ISBN-13: 9780380799374
Published: 1999
Pages: 432
Publisher: Avon
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Setting: Contemporary Idaho and Oregon Sensuality Rating: 6 Bestselling author Catherine Anderson captivates readers with her tale of a desperate young mother, her newborn son, and the rundown drifter who rescues them one bitterly cold night. Little does Rafe Kendrick suspect that his long-frozen heart will crack wide open when he offers the warmth of his coat to a desperate runaway and her hungry baby. Maggie Stanley has little reason to trust any man, much less Rafe, the drunken cowboy she meets hitching a ride in a boxcar. But when he puts his own life in danger to protect Maggie and her baby, Jaimie, from the lowlifes sharing their railroad car, she's forced to place her battered body and equally battered heart into Rafe's hands for safekeeping. Bound together by circumstance, the two zealously guard their secrets until love permits Rafe to let go of the tragic deaths of his wife and child that sent him running from his former life as a successful rancher. And Rafe's gentle and loving care of Jaimie allows Maggie to see that here is finally a man willing and able to protect her from the harsh realities around every corner. Full of gut-wrenching emotion and plenty of human drama, Catherine Anderson's Baby Love shouldn't be missed. --Alison Trinkle -- From Review

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