Vertigo (2008)

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Published: 2008
Pages: 75
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC
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Book I in the Vertigo Chronicles series... Each night Simon Saint-Saens hunts the creatures of darkness that others fear--beings that come through dimensional rifts into our world from a world called Vertigo. Simon has unexplained superpowers that help him fight, but his is a desolate existence, fraught with danger. He works by himself and never allows anyone to get too close to him because his powers come at a terrible cost--a secret he's never revealed to anyone. Better to be alone than jeopardize the life of someone he cares about. Enslaved in Vertigo for years, Jaden Cole was one of the innocent lives Simon saved when he first started hunting. Jade had almost forgotten what it meant to be human...until Simon found him and brought him back to this world. But when their friendship turned into something more, Simon sent Jade away and cut him out of his life to keep Jade safe. Nine years later, when a new, powerful evil stirs to life in Vertigo and targets Simon as its enemy, Jade returns. He's not the same innocent he was all those years ago, though. Now he has his own secret, one that could turn Simon against him, even force Simon to kill him. But Jade's willing to risk everything, even his life, to save the man he's always loved. Please Note: Don't miss the exciting sequel: Shattered... Genres: Gay / Fantasy / Superheroes / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Witchcraft / Magic / Series -- From Product Description

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