Always (2007)

#2 in Never Let Go,
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ISBN: 1602729654
ISBN-13: 9781602729650
Published: 2007
Pages: 242
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC
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From award-winning and best-selling gay-fiction author M.L. Rhodes... Now in paperback, Always combines the first two highly acclaimed volumes in the emotional and explosively erotic man-love story of Will McLaren and Ethan Gallagher. Never Let Go... For years Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher hid their deepest desires from one another, each thinking the other was straight, both of them too afraid of shattering their friendship to admit their real feelings. Then, in a vulnerable moment, they discover the truth and give themselves over to an explosive passion that will forever alter their relationship. But after just one night together, Ethan's secret life interferes and the two are torn apart for three long years. When at last Ethan returns, only a shell of the vibrant man Will once knew, and mysteriously evasive about where he's been, can the two men overcome years of deceptions and tragic truths in order to heal their friendship and perhaps find the kind of love that lasts a lifetime? Hearts & Bones... Finally a couple in every way, Will and Ethan are savoring the pleasures of being together at last. But only a few short weeks into domestic bliss, their hard-won peace and contentment is put to the test. Someone from Ethan's dark and dangerous past has returned to settle a vindictive score, luring the lovers into a deadly game. When Will's caught in the crossfire and his very life is at stake, will Ethan be strong enough to overcome his debilitating fears and face down his old enemy? Or will this shadow from his past destroy the only man he's ever loved? -- From Product Description
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