Key West (1999)

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ISBN: 0821765957
ISBN-13: 9780821765951
Published: 1999
Pages: 479
Publisher: Zebra Books
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Setting: Contemporary Key West, Florida Sensuality: 7 Sonnie Giacano returns to Key West, Florida, eight months after her tennis-star husband was kidnapped and a devastating car crash stole Sonnie's unborn child and threatened her life. Scarred but determined, Sonnie feels compelled to regain her lost memory of that fateful night. Former police detective Chris Talon, now a private investigator, takes one look at the vulnerable Sonnie and knows he should refuse to help her. But fate has plans for Chris and Sonnie if they can only manage to unravel the complicated skein of secrets that conceal the truth about that horrendous night. Too many people, however, have a vested interest in keeping Sonnie uninformed and they'll stop at nothing, including murder, to ensure that she never learns the truth. The heat and tropical flavor of Key West provide a colorful backdrop for the intricate plot that revolves around a refreshingly unique hero and heroine. Toss in an oily brother-in-law and an evil sister, along with a cast of intriguing secondary characters, and you've got a novel with enough suspense and romance to make your reading hours fly by. --Lois Faye Dyer -- From Review

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