Playing the Player (2010)

#4 in Amigas y Amor,
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ISBN: 1602821852
ISBN-13: 9781602821859
Published: October 19, 2010
Pages: 208
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
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Madeira Pacias has been happily coasting through life as a confirmed—and contented—single player. But the day she stops to help the victims of a highway pileup, everything changes. Madeira finds the woman of her dreams...dreams she wasn’t even aware she had. Grace Obregon is beautiful, vulnerable, and exactly the kind of woman Madeira usually avoids. But now, she’ll do anything to convince Grace of her sincerity.Reformed wild child Grace might owe Madeira her gratitude, but she doesn’t owe her anything else. There was a time when she might have fallen for this irresistible charmer, but at the moment, Madeira just seems like the ghost of girlfriends past. These days, Grace is looking for stability and respect, and the kind of woman who won’t break her heart. Somebody unlike her seductive roadside angel...unless Madeira really has shed her devil-may-care past.Fourth in the Amigas y Amor Series -- From Product Description

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