Anarchy in Blood (2010)

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Published: August 2, 2010
Pages: 144
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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Washington, D.C. is rocked by the vicious murders of several young men. As the body count rises, tension builds. Who could be killing and draining their victims of blood? Soon whispers arise that the trail leads right to the most important man in America.Aaron Baker is President Douglas’s right hand man. As the rumours grow, Aaron takes desperate measures, turning to a disgraced man to save the President from his enemies.Grayson Mills has managed to get his life back on track after being dismissed from the Secret Service amidst a scandal. Climbing out of the bottle had been hard enough, but suddenly being dragged back into protecting the President might turn out to be deadly for Gray.Together, Gray and Aaron must fight the Knights of Paiderastia to keep the society from destroying the President. Yet that might not be the hardest part of their mission. Falling in love could be the toughest adventure of their lives.Reader Advisory: This book contains two scenes that may be uncomfortable to some readers. Although pivotal to the storyline, brief kissing and touching interactions between a father and son are contained within the book. -- From Product Description
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