Guide to the Hunted (2010)

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ISBN: 1931567832
ISBN-13: 9781931567831
Published: May 11, 2010
Pages: 128
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
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MWP1023 Guide to the Hunted Supernatural RPG by Margaret Weis Productions Everybody knows rock salt keeps out ghosts and silver kills werewolves. That is just Folklore 101. But when you need to get rid of a crocotta, banish a tulpa, or deal with an Angel of the Lord, you are going to need a really good guide. Centuries of monster lore meet years of seasoned hunting experience and a handful of potentially unreliable Internet files in this essential sourcebook for the SUPERNATURAL ROLE PLAYING GAME. This full-color hunters manual features dozens of spooks, freaks, and threats that have challenged the Winchester brothers on nearly five seasons of the CW networks hit show, Supernatural. Each monster is fully detailed with Cortex System game statistics and plenty of lore, ready to drop into any campaign. With extra material on how to play monsters as hunters and create your own supernatural threats, the Guide to the Hunted is an indispensable resource. Softcover - Color - 128 Pages -- From Product Description

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