My Private Detective (2001)

#14 in Count on a Cop,
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Published: 2001
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
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Dana's in prison for a murder she didn't commit—and Heidi's determined to find out who did, determined to see Dana set free. But she has no idea how to go about it.Then, like the answer to a prayer, she meets Gideon Poletti, a San Diego homicide detective, who shows up at the school where Heidi teaches. He's there to give an adult education class in criminology. And he's doing it in her classroom. Not only is Gideon a celebrated detective, he's the most attractive man she's ever met. But she tells herself she doesn't have time for romance—her friend's very life is at stake! She joins Gideon's class to learn two things. Can he help her? And will he? To her relief and gratitude, he says yes to both. Their quest for justice uncovers a shocking truth, one Heidi could never have predicted. Nor could she have predicted that her "private" detective would fall as hard for her as she has for him! -- From Product Description

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