Rodeo Daddy (2005)

#16 in Trueblood Texas,
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ISBN: 0373650876
ISBN-13: 9780373650873
Published: 2005
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexy Texas cowboys...steamy Texas passion...intriguing family dynamics . . . emotional reunions.Any of these elements will make a romance novel a bestseller on its own -- but combine them all together in one ongoing continuity series called Trueblood, Texas, and you are guaranteed to see the most astounding sales ever! PLUS, these stories are written by the absolute best romance authors that Harlequin has. Trueblood, Texas maximizes your book section's potential!Chelsea Jensen has never stopped loving Jack Shane, a former hired hand on her family ranch. So when she discovers that her deceased father sent him away all those years ago, she hires Finders Keepers to find him. She soon discovers that her rowdy rodeo cowboy has become a first-class single father to his daughter. Old feelings are quickly rekindled, but first Chelsea must teach Jack that having money isn't nearly as rich as having love! -- From Product Description

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