Whose Baby? (2000)

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ISBN: 0733521975
ISBN-13: 9780733521973
Published: 2000
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
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For the sake of her daughters can she marry a stranger?Lynn Chanak is living the nightmare every mother fears. There was a mix-up at the hospital. Her baby isn't hers. And the only way she can have the baby she gave birth to and keep the child she loves is to marry Adam Landry—a man she doesn't even know.For the sake of his daughters can he marry a woman he'll never love?Adam was devastated when his Jenny died. And his only consolation was their daughter. But as much as he loves Rose, he can't stand to think that the child Jenny carried for nine months will grow up without him. If marrying a stranger is what it takes to have both his daughters, then that's what he'll do. Even though he still loves Jenny...For the sake of their daughters can they make this marriage work? -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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