Mother in the Making (1996)

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ISBN: 0373706855
ISBN-13: 9780373706853
Published: 1996
Pages: 187
Publisher: Harlequin
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HOME ON THE RANCH "Ellen James writes with warmth, wit and style. I look forward to each new book." —Debbie Macomber The Blue Mesa Ranch, near Stillwell, New Mexico Hallie Claremont— She's the Blue Mesa's owner. Not that this is anything to brag about as far as Hallie's concerned. She inherited the place, and even she—who knows nothing about ranching—can tell the ranch needs work and lots of it. Still, she doesn't have any choice. With no money to her name, an adopted baby and a rebellious teenage brother to support, Hallie is now a rancher in the making. Of course, she's also a mother in the making, but she can be both—she's sure of it! Too bad that Hallie's new neighbor Dr. Gabe Miller doesn't see it that way. But no, the handsome doctor persists in seeing Hallie as a crisis in the making. Still, that doesn't explain why he's taken it upon himself to set her straight! HOME ON THE RANCH -- From Product Description

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