That Cowboy's Kids (2000)

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ISBN: 0373688288
ISBN-13: 9780373688289
Published: 2000
Pages: 576
Publisher: Harlequin
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Cowboy at the Crossroads by Linda WarrenFive-year-old Nicki Prescott isn't coping well with her mother's death—she's withdrawn, refusing to eat or leave her room. In desperation her father, Cordell Prescott, asks Dr. Becca Talbert to come to the Triple Creek Ranch to see Nicki. Becca's presence starts to make a difference, and Cord's gratitude soon turns into something more. But Cord doesn't believe he has the right to love Becca…not after what happened with his wife.That Cowboy's Kids by Debra SalonenVictim advocate Abby Davis wants a new job—one that involves shorter hours and less stress. But she's never been able to ignore a family in trouble—like Tom Butler and his two little girls. A robbery at an ATM has left his ex-wife dead, and overnight he's gone from being a single man living a simple ranch life to a single parent trying to cope with two grieving daughters. These children and their father touch Abby's heart like no one has before, but becoming attached to Tom and his daughters means Abby must face her own demons. Can love heal them all? -- From Product Description

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