More Than a Cowboy (2004)

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ISBN: 0373712170
ISBN-13: 9780373712175
Published: 2004
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harlequin
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A man with a missionA Cajun cowboy with a pistol, a cell phone—and a bloodhound who's scared of cows? What's wrong with this picture? In fact, the cowboy's more than a cowboy. Adam Dubois is an undercover detective who's come to the high country to protect an endangered species. His mission: catch a mysterious lynx poacher.A woman with a secretTess Tankersly has a saddlebag of frozen chickens and two hungry cats to feed. But if she's caught aiding and abetting lynx, her family and friends—cattlemen all—will see her as a traitor. She's walking a fine line between her passion for protecting wildcats and her loyalty to the people she loves.What happens when Tess and Adam meet?The sparks fly, that's what! Despite her secret and his disguise, those sparks of attraction catch. Some fires are meant to burn…. -- From Product Description

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