South Sea Adventure (1936)

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Published: 1936
Pages: 323
Publisher: FourteenFiftyFour Ltd
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Amazon Adventure: Long Island teenagers Hal and Roger Hunt embark on a pioneering expedition down the Amazon River with their father, expert naturalist John Hunt. They travel deep into unchartered jungle territory and collect exotic animals. But someone is out to get them and the boys' father is forced to return home. Hal and Roger are left on their own to face hostile natives, dangerous rapids and wild animals, and their progress is continually delayed by a brutal enemy hot on the boys' trail. South Sea Adventure: Hal and Roger are in the beautiful waters of the South Seas searching for unusual sea creatures, with a side mission to find the pearl oyster-beds of a remote lagoon. Keeping the location of the lagoon a secret proves more difficult than expected when other visitors to Polynesia conspire to steal the valuable pearls for themselves. The boys learn the true nature of friendship and sacrifice, and how far men will go to get what they want. Abandoned on a deserted barren atoll, the boys' survival skills are tested to the very limit. -- From Product Description

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