The Mommy Wish (2005)

#4 in Fatherhood,
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ISBN: 0373750749
ISBN-13: 9780373750740
Published: 2005
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin
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MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE To Somebody: I think they like each other. Molly and my dad, I mean. He hasn't been Mr. Grumpy in a long time and he's only watched jeppardy once. I will let you no what happens... Your friend, Phoebe Anne Norvald Molly McBryde is happy to captain her ailing grandfather's sailboat down the east coast to Florida - but playing make-believe mommy to one of the crew? A driven career woman like her? She'd be way out of her depth. But as she gets to know Phoebe - whose obsession with vacuum cleaners hides her yearning for a mom and a real home - and her dad Eric, the widower hired by Molly's grandfather to help run the boat, Molly has to admit that Phoebe's fantasy might just come true. Provided Eric asks Molly to sign on as second mate! A touching story of how love creates a family. -- From Product Description

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