Ranger Daddy (2011)

#23 in Fatherhood,
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ISBN: 0373753713
ISBN-13: 9780373753710
Published: August 2, 2011
Pages: 224
Publisher: Harlequin
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Can He Keep Her Safe?Frantic to escape her dangerous ex-husband, Gabi Rafferty flees with her daughter to Yosemite—and the man she trusts more than anyone. Ranger Jeff Thompson can provide a safe haven. He's also the man Gabi once loved. Still does. Only this isn't the time to think about missed chances. Not with her child's life at risk.Fourteen years ago, Gabi ran to Jeff for everything. Now she needs his protection, and the honor-bound ranger will do whatever it takes to keep her and her daughter safe. But he's still carrying around unfinished business. And with her little girl growing so attached to him, Jeff knows the moment has come to trust Gabi with the truth.Coming clean about the past is their only shot at a future. Because he can't lose her a second time… -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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