Sexy Beast VIII (2010)

#8 in Sexy Beast,
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ISBN: 0758228716
ISBN-13: 9780758228710
Published: April 1, 2010
Pages: 256
Publisher: Aphrodisia
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"Chanku Spirit" is written by Kate Douglas. In a quest to learn more about their sensual shapeshifter history, Anton travels to Florida with Stefan, his lover, and Matt, one of the newest Chanku. There they find the goddess who gives their erotic birthright meaning, but only Matt is powerful enough to discover the amazing secrets this mystical woman possesses..."Running Wild" is written by Kathleen Dante. Graeme Luger has finally found a woman who shares his werewolf heritage and his desire for savage sexual pleasure, but the unexpected arrival of his cousin threatens his newfound passion. Now he must fight to keep his lover and the wanton bliss they share with each other..."Heart of the Wildcat" is written by Devyn Quinn. As one of the last members of a vanishing tribe of shapeshifters, Joseph Clawfoot lives alone but longs for a mate. When he saves ecologist Kathryn Dayton from certain death, he wonders whether this ethereal beauty can embrace his primal past and join him in an exotic encounter of forbidden ecstasy... -- From Product Description

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