Sexy Beast 9 (2010)

#9 in Sexy Beast,
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ISBN: 0758238428
ISBN-13: 9780758238429
Published: September 1, 2010
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"On The Prowl" is written by Vonna Harper. Traveling from Texas to India in search of a rare white tiger, zoologist Jori Bianchi strikes more than gold when she spots the stunning predator in an exotic, lush forest reserve. Little does she realize she has the power to release the man from the beast - by indulging in a scorching sensual connection that will transform them both..."Between Lovers" is written by Crystal Jordan. On a fateful camping trip, fiery Oregon beauty Rhiannon Reid is kidnapped and turned into a "Between" - a magical shape-shifting creature. Now forced to prove her worthiness to the group's golden king, lion-shifting Elan Delacourt, the two test each other's strength and character - but lose themselves in the hot-blooded battle..."Amber Fire" is written by Lisa Renee. Jones Determined to defend her late father's work, Amber Green heads into the heat of the Nevada canyons to prove the existence of the Yaguara, a shape-shifting race of jaguars. There she meets the one man more hell-bent on protecting the jaguars than she is: Jareth, a force of raw male nature to be reckoned with - an animal worth pursuing...

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