Naked Angel (2012)

#3 in Angel,
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ISBN: 0758261624
ISBN-13: 9780758261625
Published: March 27, 2012
Pages: 280
Publisher: Aphrodisia
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Naked Angel is the third novel in the burlesque-inspired trilogy, Blue Angel. The books are set in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and explore an ordinary  young woman's self-discovery and sexual awakening through the world of burlesque.NAKED ANGEL It's the biggest night of Mallory Dale's life. She's unveiling her sexy new burlesque club, The Painted Lady, and her boyfriend has a thrilling surprise for her. After four wild years, Alec is ready to propose, and he does it in her favourite place - onstage. Life is sweet - until Alec asks her to retire her pasties for good. But can she give up her boas in the name of happily ever after? Mallory isn't the only one torn between bliss onstage and off. An injury forced ballerina Nadia Grant to hang up her toe shoes, so now she's perfecting the art of the striptease and whipping the crowd at The Painted Lady into a frenzy. But one man is outraged - the man Nadia loves. Meanwhile, the club's financial benefactor is endangering his marriage - and the business - when he begins a sizzling affair with a young costume designer. Just when they're so close to having it all, will the stars of The Painted Lady lose everything? -- From Product Description
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