The Sandburg Connection (2011)

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ISBN: 1455112836
ISBN-13: 9781455112838
Published: October 4, 2011
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
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[This is the MP3CD audiobook format.] It was only a simple, routine assignment for private investigator Sam Blackman and his partner, Nakayla Robertson: follow a history professor, who is suing a spinal surgeon for malpractice, and catch her in physical activities that undercut her claim. When the professor, Janice Wainwright, visits Connemara, the home of the poet Carl Sandburg, in Flat Rock, North Carolina, and climbs the arduous trail to the top of Glassy Mountain, Sam believes he has the evidence he needs to wrap up the case until he finds the woman semiconscious and bleeding on the mountain's granite outcrop. Her final words were ''It's the Sandburg verses. The Sandburg verses.'' As the first person to discover the dying woman, Sam becomes the prime suspect. Now the case is personal. An autopsy reveals painkillers in her blood and solid proof of the surgeon's errors, and Sam is left with haunting questions: Why did this suffering woman endure the climb to the mountaintop? Did she stumble and fall or did someone cause her death? Then a break-in at the Wainwright farmhouse and the theft of Sandburg volumes convince Sam that someone is seeking information worth killing for. But what did Pulitzer Prize winner Sandburg have in his literary collection that could lead to multiple murders? And who will be targeted next? Sam and Nakayla must navigate a convoluted trail of historical facts and mountain legends to arrive at the truth a truth that Carl Sandburg never knew he possessed and a treasure to be had for a song. -- From Product Description

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