The Dom Who Loved Me (2011)

 3.86 (29 RATINGS)
Published: September 25, 2011
Pages: 373
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment LLC
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A routine mission…Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She's the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.…turns into a dangerous seduction.Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. By night, she submits to Sean's every dark desire. She's living out her wildest fantasies of pleasure—intimate acts of trust she's only read about. As passion engulfs her, a murderer strikes, and Grace learns that Sean has a deeply hidden agenda. Will Sean choose his mission and break her heart or be the Master of her dreams?Includes an excerpt from the upcoming A LITTLE HARMLESS SUBMISSION by Melissa Schroeder. -- From Product Description

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