Sunrise (2011)

#21 in Stargate SG-1,
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Published: March 20, 2011
Pages: 245
Publisher: Crossroad Press & Fandemonium Books
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Shortly after the events of season 4 episode, Beneath the Surface, SG-1 find themselves on a lifeless world. They discover long-dead bodies frozen in the snow and a clue to a device promising protection from the Goa'uld forever. Following the trail they go in search of the Shield of the Gods, but all is not as it seems and SG-1 find themselves entangled with a people facing annihilation on a drowning world.TEASER“Colonel O’Neill,” Teal’c said, half turned back the way they’d come. “Men are approaching. If we wish to meet with Rhionna Channon we must evade them. I do not believe Pastor Channon would permit us to talk with his daughter.”“He’s right,” Sam said. “I got the distinct impression that she’s persona non grata among the Elect — especially with that guy, Camus.”“Which is probably a good sign,” Daniel chimed in, hands still deep in his pockets. “Maybe she really does have some useful information.”“I think it’s worth a shot,” Sam agreed. She glanced over at O’Neill. “Sir?”He was studying the map, memorizing it, then scrunched up the paper in his fist. “Okay, we meet with her and see what she has to say. But that’s all. We are not — repeat, not — gonna get dragged into another mercy mission.” -- From Product Description

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