Star Trek : Celebrations (2001)

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ISBN: 0743417739
ISBN-13: 9780743417730
Published: 2001
Pages: 192
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
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Ever wonder what to serve at a Klingon Day of Ascension? Just can't remember if you bring a gift to a Rumarie celebration? Can't recall if on Galvin Five, a marriage is considered successful only if children are produced within a year or three of the wedding? You know that Damok was on the ocean, but you can't recall just what that means? Have no fear! Finally, you too can come prepared to any celebration held anywhere in the Federation. Culled from the data resources of every world, this comprehensive and handy guide will let you walk into any celebration with assurance. Clearly laid out are the complex and compelling cultures that are a part of this vast Federation. Plus: in a special section are the celebrations that have become part of the traditions of Starfleet. From promotion to ship commissioning, from the high solemn occasion of the passing of a member of the crew to the joyous exchange of marriage vows, you can be a part of it all! -- From Product Description
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