Unspoken Truth (2010)

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ISBN: 1439102198
ISBN-13: 9781439102190
Published: March 30, 2010
Pages: 400
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
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A wild child, Saavik was left to die on a world so horrifying that it was known as Hellguard. She was rescued by Spock, who took the half-Vulcan, half-Romulan home to his parents, trusting that they would be able to care for the troubled child. Later she would follow Spock into Starfleet. Now a fully-fledged Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Saavik returns to Vulcan only to find that other Hellguard survivors are being killed one by one. With her life under threat, can she ever call Vulcan home? Forced to choose, which will she embrace: the pacifism of Vulcan, or the violence that is the Romulan half of her heritage? Not knowing where to turn or whom she can trust Saavik struggles to discover where her true loyalties lie. -- From Amazon.com Product Description
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