Gemworld Book 2 (2000)

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ISBN: 067104270X
ISBN-13: 9780671042707
Published: 2000
Pages: 251
Publisher: Star Trek
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Dazzling to behold, Gemworld is one of the wonders of the Federation: an artificial world composed entirely of crystal, its atmosphere held in place by a sophisticated network of force fields. Home to a half dozen different sentient races, this singular world is a low-gravity playpen of mammoth spires, endless fractal staircases, gemstone arcs, and dazzling prisms, oil carefully nurtured by the planet's many inhabitants -- until now. Lieutenant Melora Pozlor, who previously served on "Deep Space Nine(TM)," is currently stationed aboard the "Starship Enterprise(TM) " where an urgent telepathic summons alerts her to the danger threatening her homeworld. The crystals that once sheltered her people, and several other alien species, are now growing at a vastly accelerated and uncontrollable rate, wreaking havoc throughout the planet. Captain Picard orders the "Enterprise" on a rescue mission to Gemworld, but they arrive to find a world in chaos -- and an unexpected menace that traps the crew of the "Enterprise" along with the fragile civilization they hoped to save! -- From Product Description
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