The Genesis Wave Book 3 (2001)

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ISBN: 0743463838
ISBN-13: 9780743463836
Published: 2001
Pages: 384
Publisher: Star Trek
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The third part of an epic tale of universal destruction and one man's heroic efforts to avert it. The entire Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew race to stave off the apocalyptic threat of the Genesis Wave in the third volume of John Vornholt's thrilling series. Designed to create organic life from nothingness and make barren planets fertile and habitable, the awe-inspiring Genesis Device has been turned instead into a weapon of terrifying destructive power, able to alter matter and energy on a molecular scale. Sweeping inexorably across the galaxy, The Genesis Wave is changing everything in its path, and where it passes nothing will ever be the same. Thousands of planets and trillions of lives are at risk as Captain Picard faces one of the greatest challenges of his career. -- From Product Description
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