The Bodyguard (1998)

#3 in Captive Heart,
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ISBN: 0440223776
ISBN-13: 9780440223771
Published: 1998
Pages: 400
Publisher: Island Books
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The Bodyguard is the latest historical in Joan Johnston's Captive Hearts series. Set in Regency-era Scotland, Katherine MacKinnon's father names her the head of the MacKinnon clan on his deathbed and extracts a secret promise: Katherine must trick the duke of Blackthorne into marrying her in order to bear a child that would rightfully own the lands that were taken from the MacKinnons by the Blackthorne family. Katherine's clansmen, however, will not accept a woman as their laird, and all are determined to marry her off to one of their own. Intent on fulfilling her promise to her father, Katherine desperately searches for a bodyguard and ultimately finds Alex. Afflicted with amnesia since being shipwrecked, Alex finds Katherine interesting and happily agrees to protect her. What Alex doesn't know is that he is the duke of Blackthorne, and that the shipwreck was an attempt on his life. Katherine discovers this truth before Alex does, and she must decide whether to tell him or not, knowing that this truth kill their blossoming love. -- From Review
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