Lord Logic And The Wedding Wish (2011)

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Published: November 8, 2011
Pages: 256
Publisher: Pedestal Books
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A National Reviewer’s Choice Award finalist and Best Regency Nominee!Delightfully Different Historical Romance. Orion Chase, the logical, studious, yet ultra-fashionable Earl of Lindenshire, meets his own true love--a stubborn, exasperating, and irresistible Gypsy who insists it's their destiny to wed. Regency Romance at its best!REVIEWS:“Lord Logic and the Wedding WIsh, by the very talented Melynda Beth Andrews, is delightfully amusing, as these two headstrong and independent young people seem destined to be wed—if they don't kill each other first! Four and a half stars. Fantastic--A Keeper!" -- RT Book Club“From the magical beginning all the way to its perfect and masterfully thought-out conclusion, this story sparkles with laugh-out-loud humor and touching emotion that combines magically with warm and tender characters who are so real you feel like you know them.” -- Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited"Ms. Andrews deftly blends a cast of interesting characters and a spritely plot into a warm, winsome confection." --Mellanie Crowther, Romance Reviews“A wonderful, sweet love story. You have got to read this. Every page is packed full of romance and fun. I can’t wait to read another!”—ARomanceReview.comSYNOPSIS:Oil and Water...Born on the same day, best friends and fiercest rivals Orion Chase and Artemis Rose are separated when they're eight. When they come together once more as adults, nothing has changed. Still best friends, still oil and water. When Artemis arrives on foot at his country estate, the ultra-logical, ultra-fashionable Orion Chase, the Earl of Lindenshire, is happy to welcome her--at first. Rejected by her mother's family, Artemis, the granddaughter of an Earl, has been living as a Gypsy for the past 16 years and lives her life guided by signs and portents. But Artemis's outlandish Gypsy ways can't bother Orion, who hides his scientific bent with a facade of fashionability. After all, Artemis won't be around long--or will she? Orion's not happy when his mother hires Artemis as her companion. And he's even less happy when the ton mistakes Artemis for his mistress. A sham betrothal to save both of their reputations is in order--but it turns out that Orion is the only one who believes the wedding won't happen!MORE:Originally published by Kensington Publishing under the author’s former name, Melynda Beth Skinner.Third book in the acclaimed Regency Matchmaker Series by Melynda Beth AndrewsA National Reviewer’s Choice Award finalist and Best Regency Nominee!THE AUTHOR:Melynda Beth Andrews lives in Florida with her young family. Her work has been Nominated for both a Golden Heart award from the Romance Writers of America and for a National Critics Choice Award, and hailed by critics as “delightful,” “a rare treat,” and “wickedly entertaining," -- From Amazon.com Product Description

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