The Blackguard's Bride (2011)

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Published: December 8, 2011
Pages: 252
Publisher: Pedestal Books
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"Let love erase the sins of the past..." At its heart a poignant and thought-provoking redemption story, The Blackguard's Bride manages to charm with its engaging comedic style. Peppered with Melynda Andrews' trademark mix of humor, angst, hidden identities, secrets, chase scenes, and dotty (or are they?) old ladies and gentlemen. This is Regency romance at its very best! Reviews:“A charming, tender, and poignant tale that gives readersthe added pleasure of revisiting characters from her other great stories.Four stars—a page turner!” — Teresa Roebuck, RT Book Club““This book is sure to cause controversy in the Regency reader community.The resolution will leave the reader awestruck. Well written and enjoyable, the story has a great many unexpected twists.” — Leanne Davis, Rakehell.comSynopsis:A CHOICE BETWEEN REDEMPTION AND LOVEIn secret, Julie Fitz marries to protect her herself and her fortune from her unscrupulous uncle. After exchanging Gretna vows with a blackguard in order to avoid her uncle’s even less savory plans for her, Julie returns to the pleasent life she’s built for herself as companion to lovable old Lady Griselda.But then the unpredictable spinster takes in a man who can’t remember anything including the accident that claimed his memory. The clues suggest that “Christopher,” as he names himself, is most likely a gentleman, so why hasn’t his disappearence been reported in the newspapers? Surely, someone as dear, as intelligent, and as handsome as he would be missed!Certain people know very well who “Christopher” really is, but they aren’t telling. And Julie is too distracted with other matters to harbor suspicions. She must stop Lady Griselda from using a ridiculous Gypsy charm to decide who she should wed. The old dear has invited a dozen of her most ardent admirers for a house party, and Julie has her hands full trying to steer Lady Griselda in the right direction during the house party, while managing an entire houseful of aging servants at the same time.Chris admires Julie’s kindness, compassion, and capability, and as he recovers, he helps her as best he can. He’s falling in love. Yet he knows he must discover who he really is before he can pursue her. Especially since he begins to suspect that he’s not worthy of anyone’s heart or hand—especially Julie’s.More:Originally print-published by Kensington Publishing.Book Four of the Regency Matchmaker Series by Melynda Beth AndrewsThe Author:Melynda Beth Andrews lives in Florida with her young family. Her work has been hailed by critics as “delightful,” “a rare treat,” and “wickedly entertaining.” -- From Product Description

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