Marked By Fate (2007)

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AKA: Deadly Expressions
ISBN: 1591332079
ISBN-13: 9781591332077
Published: 2007
Pages: 196
Publisher: Hilliard & Harris Publishers
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Do you think it's possible to be marked by fate? To be destined to die a victim? Or can fate be helped along? Twisted to suit another person's needs. The black metal cave was cool against my tears, the carpeted floor a buffer for the tremors in my body. I bit down harder on my lower lip, the pain a constant reminder of my need to stay fight the urge to scream for help. Thirty-five years ago, seven-year-old Hannah Daltry hid under a desk-alone and terrified. She didn't cry. She didn't yell. She didn't move. If she had, they would have found her. Today she's a grown woman, teaching in a community college, sharing her passion for the written word with her students. But she hasn't forgotten those terrifying moments from her childhood. In fact, she's decided to use that memory as a teaching exercise in her creative writing class. In that same class is Elise Jenkins, a local reporter who's eager to stretch her writing wings. She-like all the other students-is inspired by the teacher's ability to bring a scene to life on paper. To put readers under that desk, to instill the same fear she'd once felt. But inspiration turns to shock when Ms. Daltry is found dead in her classroom. Her only mistake? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again. Is her murder simply a cruel twist of irony? A fate she was destined to meet? Or is there more to the story? That's what Elise intends to find out. No matter what the cost. -- From Product Description

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