The Fires of Coventry (1996)

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Published: 1996
Pages: 291
Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
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Coventry. One of the founding worlds of the Second Commonwealth. It lies just eight light years away from the Commonwealth’s capitol world, Buckingham, but it’s mostly been ignored during the Federation War.No longer. The Federation has its sights set on taking Coventry by any means necessary. Their first wave of attacking troops have set Coventry aflame in an effort to force out the population and keep local resistance at bay as they establish a base for attacking the heart of the Commonwealth.Coventry is Reggie Bailey’s home. Reggie isn’t a Royal Marine. He’s a family man, a father of three. But he has to put it all aside and join his brethren to fight the fires that threaten his world. It’s up to the home guard to keep the Federation at bay long enough for reinforcements to arrive.To Sergeant David Spencer of the Commonwealth’s Royal Marines, the scorched earth assault on Coventry is a challenge. But he’s trained, skilled, armed, ready. When the unexpected orders to go to Coventry arrive, there’s no question that David and his men are up to the task, but there’s every question if they can arrive in time and fight their way through the fires of Coventry before it’s too late for Reggie and his family.War hits home as Rick Shelley’s Federation War trilogy continues. PRAISE FOR RICK SHELLEY:“Rick Shelley was a soldier at heart, and his books were written from the heart. They carry the real feel of the sweat, blood, and camaraderie of those on the front lines.” --Jack Campbell, NY Times bestselling author of the LOST FLEET series -- From Product Description

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