Return to Camerein (1997)

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Published: 1997
Pages: 330
Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
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Prince George, Earl of New Britain, was supposed to hold a position of great importance on Buckingham, capitol world of the Second Commonwealth. However, Prince George wasn’t on Buckingham. He hadn’t been for seven years, in fact. The Federation War had stranded him on the resort world of Camerein, His Royal Highness little more than a footnote to the long, bitter war.Newly made Captain David Spencer has proven his worth time and again on the fields of battle. But his latest promotion comes with some strings attached. He’ll have to lead a top secret mission to Camerein, to determine once and for all the fate of Prince George. Camerein is now in play. With a nearby shuttle crash putting Prince George and the other stranded resort guests on the move, Lieutenant Spencer beginning his search, and the Federation looking for one last bargaining chip for the war’s endgame, the resort world of Camerein is about to host a deadly game of cat and mouse. The future of the Second Commonwealth could rest on who catches whom.Rick Shelley concludes the Federation War trilogy with another great novel that puts the high tech toys and skilled tactics of David Spencer’s Royal Marines team to use on the home front, bringing every sensation of war home to the reader.PRAISE FOR RICK SHELLEY:“Rick Shelley was a soldier at heart, and his books were written from the heart. They carry the real feel of the sweat, blood, and camaraderie of those on the front lines.” --Jack Campbell, NY Times bestselling author of the LOST FLEET series -- From Product Description

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