One Little Lie (2012)

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Published: January 18, 2012
Pages: 192
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One Little Lie is the second book in the Kate McCall series.It’s been a long stint of no work for novice private investigator Kate McCall, but her optimism and tenacity have finally paid off. After running out of money, and losing telephone service and electricity to unpaid bills, she received and solved three cases. When three new cases fall into her lap at her grandfather’s birthday party, she is more convinced than ever that she has chosen the right career. The first case is for her sister, who wants Kate to help Wayne Warren, a fugitive accused of stealing a truck hauling potato chips. The second case comes via a kidnapping: Kate is snatched off of her parents’ front lawn and taken to the ornate suburban home of suspected Russian mobster, Zoltan Bolenko. Zoltan has a nephew who has gambled away very valuable porcelain roses, and Zoltan wants Kate to find and return the roses before their owner, Zoltan’s sister, learns her son has lost them. Finally, family friend Charlotte O’Halloran, a glamorous former FBI agent now mysteriously retired, offers Kate surveillance work. Happy to be working and sure her money troubles are over forever, Kate eagerly takes on all three. Drafted as her reluctant assistant is Kate’s charming, unemployed cousin Nick; and butting in as her would-be mentor is Mac, Kate’s retired neighbor, a man with impeccable posture, a murky past and a broken heart, courtesy of Kate’s aunt. In four short days, Kate’s multiple investigations have her fearlessly zigzagging from one adventure to another. With unshakable faith in her abilities and unflagging persistence Kate manages to unravel the truth behind every case, ultimately discovering how many people erroneously think they can get away with one little lie.Fast paced and very funny, the Kate McCall series features a fearless and impulsive young woman absolutely determined to make a success of her business on her own terms and in her own way. Written for fans of humorous fiction, as well as those looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous tough female PI, this lighthearted series will also appeal to anyone who enjoys a great read, memorable characters and a happy ending. -- From Product Description

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