Madeline Mann (2007)

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Published: 2007
Pages: 208
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Praise for MADELINE MANN"In her bright debut, Maddy is a welcome addition to the cozy scene." Kirkus Reviews"An intriguing debut in an engaging, fresh new series. Make mine Madeline Mann!" Julia Spencer-Fleming author of I SHALL NOT WANT“This tightly plotted mystery is a fast-paced exhilarating ride, and investigative reporter Madeline Mann is by far the best fe-male lead to come along since Stephanie Plum. A cool, clever, funny read, and the beginning of an absolutely delightful series. Julia Buckley rocks.” —Anne Frasier, bestselling author of HUSH and PALE IMMORTAL“Madeline Mann is an absolute delight. Oh, that all murder mys-teries could be so much fun to solve. I love Buckley’s flawless style; her small town American settings are perfect, and her characters are so real it wouldn’t surprise me to discover one of the brothers rummaging in my refrigerator. Julia Buckley has a winner here—charming, intelligent, and exciting. More ‘Mad-man,’ please—and soon!” —Robert Fate, author of the BABY SHARK series“Madeline is warm, engaging, and funand the same goes for Julia Buckley's writing." Hope McIntyre author of HOW TO MARRY A GHOST"Julia Buckley's character Madeline Mann is witty, brave, smart, and . . . downright cool." Cornelia Read author of INVISIBLE BOY"Reporter Madeline ‘Madman’ Mann is a great character: smart, warm, witty, and just wacky enough for spice. I hope this is the beginning of many, many Madman books to come.” —Barbara D’Amato, author of the Cat Marsala Mysteries“Fans of the traditional cozy will love Madeline Mann. Julia Buckley weaves an entertaining story rich with detail and fre-quent nods to past masters of the genre. ‘Madman’ tangles with love, murder, and a nagging family who are not quite ready to let her out of the nest. This character is a keeper!” —Jess Lourey, author of the Murder-by-Month series also by Julia Buckley THE DARK BACKWARD Midnight Ink, 2006Madeline Mann is a small town reporter whom nobody takes seriously until her old high school friend disappears; when Maddy begins her search for Logan Lanford, everyone takes notice.This might be because just about everyone is a suspect in Logan's disappearance, from his neglected wife to the shady mayor to Logan's jealous brother. Even Madeline's boyfriend seems to harbor some resentment toward the AWOL Logan and his reputation as a philanderer.In searching for her old friend, Madeline is also searching for vindication of her career choice and a chance to be independent from a family that threatens to drive her crazy.THE LIBRARY JOURNAL says that "Madeline's zany family and humorous narrative make this series debut a pleasurable cozy read," adding that "Julia Buckley is a writer to watch!" -- From Product Description

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