Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2008)

#2 in Madeline Mann,
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Published: 2008
Pages: 156
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Only months after solving her first mystery, Madeline Mann is called to do God's work--or so says her former English teacher, Sister Moira--by investigating the mysterious death of a young nun named Sister Joanna.Joanna's death is ten years in the past, but Moira has been troubled by dreams of her young friend, and she is convinced that Joanna was murdered.Having heard of Madeline's investigative skills, Moira asks her to look into Joanna's death and find out if a murderer still lurks in the town of Webley, and if the dark secrets behind the death of a nun have somehow placed other people in danger.PRAISE FOR JULIA BUCKLEY:From Cornelia Read, author of THE CRAZY SCHOOL:"Julia Buckley's character Madeline Mann is witty, brave, smart as a whip, and . . . downright cool."From Barbara D'Amato, author of the Cat Marsala mysteries :"Reporter Madeline "Madman" Mann is a great character: smart, warm, witty, and just wacky enough for spice."From Hope McIntyre, author of the HOW TO MARRY A GHOST series:"Welcome to Webley, Illinois, the background to this refreshing new mystery series. Madeline Mann could do anything and I would still want to read about her. She's warm, engaging, and fun--and the same goes for Julia Buckley's writing." -- From Product Description

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