The Ghosts of Lovely Women (2011)

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Published: October 18, 2011
Pages: 231
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English teacher Theodora "Teddy" Thurber is shocked to find out that a former student of hers--a bright and beautiful young woman named Jessica Halliday--has been murdered. Soon afterward, Teddy discovers some cryptic messages that Jessica left for her, and she begins to try to follow the trail in order to find the truth about her former student's death. In the process she must delve into the literature that Jessica loved best, since it is from these literary masterpieces that Jessica has derived her clues.Helping Teddy is the new history and psychology teacher, who seems fascinated by Teddy, despite her conviction that she leads a dull life. As her search for Jessica intensifies, she must also deal with the unwelcome advances of an old boyfriend, complicating her life even further.Teddy's persistence puts her and the ones she loves in danger; but she can do no less than try to avenge the murder of a promising young woman whose future success had been assured.At her side throughout this mystery is her faithful beagle, P.G. -- From Product Description

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