Love Finds You in Last Chance, California (2008)

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ISBN: 1934770396
ISBN-13: 9781934770399
Published: 2008
Pages: 320
Publisher: Summerside Press
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It s 1877 and Alexia Travers is alone in the world. Her father has died unexpectedly, leaving her burdened with a heavily mortgaged horse ranch. Marrying one of the towns all-too-willing bachelors would offer an easy solution, but Alex has no interest in marriage. Instead, she dons mens trousers and rides the range, determined to make the ranch a success on her own. But despite Alexs best efforts, everything seems to go wrong: ranch hands quit, horses are stolen, and her fathers gold goes missing. Alex is at her wits end when wrangler Justin Phillips arrives in Last Chance with his young son, looking for a job. But there seems to be more to Justins story than hes willing to share. Will Alex ever be able to trust him? More importantly, will the independent woman finally learn to depend on God? Author: Miralee Ferrell Format: 320 pages, paperback Publisher: Summerside Press (2009) ISBN: 9781934770399 -- From Product Description
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