Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania (2010)

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ISBN: 1935416642
ISBN-13: 9781935416647
Published: October 1, 2010
Pages: 320
Publisher: Summerside Press
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Sadie Spencer has learned that in life, as well as in food, sour balances sweet. Returning to her hometown of Hershey with a five-year-old daughter, she manages to rise from the ashes following the death of her husband, the passing of her mother, and the dissolution of her career as a TV chef. With the help and encouragement of her best friend, Jasper, she opens a restaurant and looks forward to savoring the sweet side of life. That is, until a handsome Russian entrepreneur arrives in town, apparently intent on opening up his own restaurant in direct competition to hers. Sadie becomes obsessed with honing the one skill shes never hadcreating dessertsto keep up with her adversary, and in the process, she finds a love thats simply icing on the cake. Author: Cerella D. Sechrist Format: 320 pages, paperback Publisher: Summerside Press (2010) ISBN: 9781935416647 -- From Product Description
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