Deep Freeze (2001)

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Published: 2001
Pages: 246
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The private May Anderson Hospital is now without controversies and when a young girl is gunned down at its front door the whole town of Bradfield is outraged. Reporter Laura Ackroyd and her lover, DCI Michael Thackeray, are both soon immersed in the case as the hospital is besieged by pro-life campaigners, led by a charismatic American evangelist. Could he have brought extreme campaigning into the country. Or could the controversial surgeon, Dr Fenton Green, have provoked a violent reaction for other reasons? He appears to be as hated by some of those he has treated as he is loved by others. Nothing adds up and violence begins to escalate when a nurse is shot and the family of the dead girl becomes the focus of violence. Meanwhile Laura Ackroyd and Michael Thackeray face their own conflicts over the issues the case throws up. Can their relationship survive? -- From Product Description

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