Between Two Lovers (2008)

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Published: 2008
Pages: 45
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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Morgan Joseph Shearing, Mojo to his friends, loved his life. He and his long-time partner, Jasper had the best of both worlds. While they loved each other exclusively, they were also free to bring women into their bed. When Mojo spots April in Club Maverick, he knows he has to have her.When April Lawson sets eyes on the large bald bartender, she thinks she's died and gone to heaven. Even the fact that Mojo has a partner doesn't deter her from what she craves. All she wants is to be in Mojo's bed, as soon as possible. The thought of sleeping with two men is new and exciting for the small town girl and April jumps feet first into sex with both men. But that just might lead to a broken heart.Over the years, Jasper has shared Mojo with many different women, but he senses April is different. He begins to wonder if they'll be able to walk away with their bond intact or if the affair with April will forever change the face of their relationship. -- From Product Description
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