King of Cups (2011)

#2 in Arcana,
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Published: December 21, 2011
Pages: 78
Publisher: Liefde Press
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Arcana, Book 2Retired soldier and covert operative, Alex Hambly tends bar on Madhatter Station, out near the galactic rim. He’s fighting an impossible attraction to the sexy card dealer, Della—a mysterious woman who sometimes sees the future. She also kicks ass when the need arises, which makes her even more desirable in his eyes.When the heir to the alien, jit’suku empire is threatened, only Della can identify the would-be assassins. It will take all of Alex and Della’s combined skills to save his life and prevent an all-out galactic war. From the frying pan into the fire, Alex and Della wind up aboard the alien ship, headed for the alien homeworld.Startling, unforeseen events put their lives and millions of humans and jit'suku in dire jeopardy. Can they find a solution not only for their people, but for themselves and the forbidden love they can no longer deny?Warning: This book contains graphic language and adult situations. -- From Product Description

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