The War of Pawns (2012)

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Published: June 14, 2012
Pages: 337
Publisher: Harris Publications
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Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude!Here is the exciting Third Volume in the Best-Selling Science Fiction Series: The Human Chronicles Saga.In The War of Pawns, Adam Cain, a Human lost in a galaxy of alien empires and exotic locales, fights desperately to return to Earth, only to find that his homecoming is anything but joyous. In the aftermath of a devastating attack upon the Earth, Adam learns that the Humans have been played for fools by the evil Klin race. Now he has two enemies to fight -- the Juireans, and now the Klin.Yet as before, the aliens do not realize what trouble they're in. Now they're up against an entire Planet of Supermen! Pity their weak and fragile bodies. Adam Cain -- as well as the entire Human Race -- is out for revenge! The Human Chronicles Saga is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, full of exotic aliens, fantastic space battles and a goal as large as the Human spirit. Fans of Space Opera have raved about the series, which includes The Fringe Worlds and Alien Assassin.Fast-paced and humorous, The War of Pawns will have you laughing and fist-pumping all the way through. This is a story of scope and adventure. Don't miss this latest edition of The Human Chronicles Saga.PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read The Fringe Worlds and Alien Assassin before reading The War of Pawns. You can purchase a combined edition of both Books One & Two at a discounted priced by searching Amazon for: The Human Chronicles Saga (Books 1 & 2). (Contains some adult language.) -- From Product Description

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