Thorn's Kiss (2007)

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Published: 2007
Pages: 75
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Book 2 in the City of Wolves series.Talia Thorn is determined to find the cure for her recent affliction and obtain it before her father discovers her secret. But first, she has to duck out on Daddy's assigned babysitter and meet her contact at Three Dog Nightclub on Beale Street. She doesn't count on being followed, nor does she put up with naked, insolent men.Playing bodyguard to the spoiled socialite isn't Miko Bastian's idea of a fun assignment. He'd rather be out on the streets of Memphis with his werewolf brothers, fighting the rogue weres stirring up trouble in the river city. When Talia strips and slips through his defenses, he's in for a wild, sexy night keeping up with the sensuous heiress as she rushes headlong into danger and ultimately into his arms. -- From Product Description
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