Pale Horse (2012)

#3 in Project Eden,
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Published: June 15, 2012
Pages: 251
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From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Pale Horse, the third book in the Project Eden thriller series.And I looked, and behold a pale horse;and his name that sat on him was Death,and Hell followed with him.—Revelations 6:8A simple push of a button and the world will never be the same.Martina Gable returns home from college to spend Christmas break with her family, but the relaxing vacation she expects is not even close to what she'll get. Sanjay, a young man in Mumbai who knows more than he should about Project Eden’s plan, will do whatever he can to keep Kusum, the girl he loves, alive and safe.A boy named Brandon Ash runs for his life in the hills of Montana, wanting only to see his family again.But first there is Daniel, the boy’s father, who watches Olivia Silva’s finger hover over the enter key that will decide the fate of humanity. Do you think you’re safe?Pale Horse is part of the Project Eden continuing sage, which is best read after completing volumes 1 and 2 (Sick and Exit 9)Praise for the Project Eden Thrillers“Sick didn’t just hook me. It hit me with a devastating uppercut on every primal level—as a parent, a father, and a human being.” — Blake Crouch, author of Run“…a gem of an outbreak story that unfolds like a thriller movie and never lets up, all the way to the last page. Absolutely my favorite kind of story!” — John Maberry, New York Times bestselling author“…not only grabs you by the throat, but by the heart and gut as well, and by the time you finish you feel as if you've just taken a runaway train through dangerous territory. Buy these books now. You won't regret it.”—Robert Browne, best selling author of Trial Junkies“You think Battles was badass before? He just cranked it up to 500 joules. CLEAR!”—“Brett Battles at his best, a thriller that also chills, with a secret at its core that's almost too scary to be contained within the covers of a book.” — Tim Hallinan, author of the Edgar-nominated The Queen of Patpong -- From Product Description
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