Getting started with FictFact

FictFact is a simple tool to keep track of all your favorite book series. Here are a few simple steps to start using our site.

Steps to use FictFact

Step 1: Register for a FREE account. Already a member? Login
Step 2: Find series you are interested in. There are several ways to find your favorite series.
Step 3: Follow your favorite series. By following a series, the books will be added to your all list, next book list, custom book release calendar, and weekly email notifications. To follow a series, simply click the follow buttons throughout the site.
Follow Series
Step 4: Mark the books you have read, are currently reading, or will read. By marking a book as read, your Next Book list will be updated automatically with the next book in the series. If you have completed a whole series, there is a quick "Mark All as Read" option on the series page.
Mark Book As
Step 5: Organize your Next Book List. On your next book list page you can:
  • Reorder books in the list by clicking "Move to Top" or dragging to the desired position
  • Remove books from the list (Don't worry, you can always add back if you want)
  • Mark the book as read. List will automatically update with next book.
Next Book List Tip: The top 10 next books will appear on your profile page.

Other features of FictFact

Keep up to date with your book series

As you read a book in your series, be sure to update the status as Already Read. Your Next Book list will automatically update with the next book in the series to help you keep track of which book you need to read next! Visit your profile often to view your custom "Coming Soon" list of the books being released in your series.

Book release calendar

We show all upcoming books in a book release calendar. You even have the option to limit the books to just those in a series you are following.
Book Release Calendar

Find out who else is following your series

At the bottom of the series description page, a list of other members who are following the series appears. Click the member's icon to open their profile to add them to your contact list or see what else they are reading!
Series Followers

Search for contacts

Already know somebody using FictFact? Search for FictFact members by Name or Email address.

Watch your email!

You will receive weekly emails from FictFact containing useful information about your series and site news, such as:
  • Books being released in the upcoming week
  • New books that have been added to your series
  • New series by followed a series
  • As FictFact grows, new features are announced to help you make the most of your experience!
Please make sure you have opted in to the correct email setting. Go to Profile->Edit preferences->Email Preferences and make sure "Send me email updates about my favorite series, books, and authors" is selected.
Email Preferences

Feedback/Suggestions/Missing series

Please use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch with our team.

Are we missing a book, series, or author? We are constantly adding series and authors based on users' suggestions. We will add your recommendations as soon as possible.

Have a great suggestion for a feature you would like to see on the site? We would also love to hear your ideas!

Having issues or have a question for us? Please let us know!

Tags on books and series

You can add tags to books and series to:
  • View all of the series or books you have tagged with the same term
  • View all the series others have tagged with the same term
To tag a book or series:
  • On a book or series page, click "edit" next to "Your Tags" on the right side
  • Enter the tag terms separated by comma
  • Click "Add"
Add Tags

Public profiles

Each FictFact member has the option to create a profile page that displays:
  • The member's username and icon
  • Join date
  • Number of books read
  • Number of series he or she is following
  • Top 10 Next Books
  • Top 10 Coming Soon
  • Recent activity (such as ratings and book status changes)
  • Any public list the user created
Tip! You can turn your profile public or private at any time by editing your preferences.
Click here to see a public profile.

Organize series into lists

You can create your own lists on your profile page to categorize series as desired. You can choose to display the lists on your public profile or keep them private (for your own use).

To create a list:
  1. On your profile page, click Add List
  2. In the Add New List pop-up window, do the following:
    1. Name: Enter a short title for the list. (only letters and numbers)
    2. Description: You can enter a longer description or notes, if desired
    3. Choose whether to make the list Public or Private
    4. Click "Save"
Add List 1
Add List