Completed Series

I've read all the books in the series

# Series Author Next Book Progress
1 Chandler Twins Deveraux, Jude, Current
2 James River Saga Deveraux, Jude, Current
3 The Montgomery Dynasty - Velvet Series Deveraux, Jude, Current
4 The MacCarrick Brothers Cole, Kresley, Current
5 MacKinnon's Rangers Clare, Pamela, Current
6 Dark Age Dawning Connor, Ellen, Current
7 Laszlo Kreizler and John Schuyler Moore Carr, Caleb, Current
8 Revivalists Caine, Rachel, Current
9 ACRO Croft, Sydney, Current
10 Passion in Paradise Burton, Jaci, Current
11 The Wild Riders Burton, Jaci, Current
12 The Order of the Sicari Burns, Monica, Current
13 Coleman Family Saga Brown, Sandra, Current
14 Texas! Tyler Family Saga Brown, Sandra, Current
15 Robert Langdon Brown, Dan, Origin (#5) 80% (4 of 5)
16 Heiress Brides Bradley, Celeste, Current
17 Adventure Blyton, Enid, Current
18 Highlander Banks, Maya, Current
19 Dark Magick Bast, Anya, Current
20 Kate Daniels World Andrews, Ilona, Current
21 Hot Shots: Men of Fire Andre, Bella, Current
22 Dragon's Heat Adams, Tessa, Current
23 Regency Wolves Dare, Lydia, Current
24 Gentleman Vampires Dare, Lydia, Current
25 Mistress of the Art of Death Franklin, Ariana, Current
26 The Glass Sisters Griffin, Laura, Current
27 Quincy / Rainie Gardner, Lisa, Right Behind You (#7) 88% (7 of 8)
28 Darkness Chosen Dodd, Christina, Current
29 Deadly Eden, Cynthia, Current
30 Texas Trilogy Heath, Lorraine, Current
31 Highland's Lairds Garwood, Julie, Current
32 Legend of the Four Soldiers Hoyt, Elizabeth, Current
33 Evil Hooper, Kay, Current
34 The Quinn/Thief Hooper, Kay, Current
35 Shadows Hooper, Kay, Current
36 Hathaways Kleypas, Lisa, Current
37 Bow Street Runners Kleypas, Lisa, Current
38 Love By Numbers MacLean, Sarah, Current
39 Two Dukes of Wyndham Quinn, Julia, Current
40 Bridgerton Series Quinn, Julia, (#) Current
41 Agents for the Crown Quinn, Julia, Current
42 Lyndon Sisters Quinn, Julia, Current
43 Secuels McNaught, Judith, Current
44 Paradise McNaught, Judith, Current
45 Eclipse Bay Krentz, Jayne Ann, Current
46 Whispering Springs Krentz, Jayne Ann, Current
47 Sign of Seven Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
48 Concannon Sisters Trilogy (Born In) Roberts, Nora, Current
49 Circle Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
50 Chesapeake Bay Roberts, Nora, Current
51 Three Sister's Island Roberts, Nora, Current
52 Harry Potter Rowling, J. K., Current
53 Promises McCarty, Sarah, Current
54 Night Huntress World Frost, Jeaniene, Current
55 Otherkin (Sins) Silver, Eve, Current
56 Jess and Mark Robards, Karen, Current
57 The Brethren Guardians Featherstone, Charlotte, Current
58 Awakened By Blood Treanor, Marie, Current
59 Royal House of Shadows Showalter, Gena, Singh, Nalini, Andersen, Jessica, Monroe, Jill, Current
60 Hannibal Lecter Harris, Thomas, Current
61 Fortune Hunter Haynes, Jasmine, Current
62 Graveyard Queen Stevens, Amanda, The Visitor (#4) 57% (4 of 7)
63 North Carolina SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) Rose, Karen, Current
64 Highlander Moning, Karen Marie, Current
65 Arcane Society : Dreamlight Trilogy Quick, Amanda, Krentz, Jayne Ann, Castle, Jayne, Current
66 Dark Crescent Sisterhood Windsor, Anna, Current
67 Chicago Rose, Karen, Current
68 The Devil Of The Highlands Sands, Lynsay, Current
69 Dark Swan Mead, Richelle, Current
70 Hired Gun Novak, Brenda, Current
71 Seven Deadly Sins McCarthy, Erin, Current
72 Night Watch Eden, Cynthia, Current
73 All Souls Trilogy Harkness, Deborah, Current
74 The Lily Bard Mysteries Harris, Charlaine, Current
75 Tumble Creek Dahl, Victoria, Current
76 The Edge Andrews, Ilona, Current
77 Arcane Society: Looking Glass Trilogy Quick, Amanda, Krentz, Jayne Ann, Castle, Jayne, Current
78 Eloisa's Fairy Tales James, Eloisa, Current
79 Lords of Deliverance Ione, Larissa, Current
80 Demonica Ione, Larissa, Hawkyn (#13.5) 95% (20 of 21)
81 Tempting Seals Leigh, Lora, Current
82 Pendragon Legacy Kearney, Susan, Current
83 Night Huntress Frost, Jeaniene, Current
84 For Me Eden, Cynthia, Current
85 Wildfire Grace, Ella, Current
86 Sins Brothers Zanetti, Rebecca, Current
87 Smythe-Smith Quartet Quinn, Julia, Current
88 The Justine Jones: Disillusionist trilogy Crane, Carolyn, Current
89 Feral Warriors Palmer, Pamela, Current
90 McJames Wine, Mary, Current
91 The Harper Connelly Mysteries Harris, Charlaine, Current
92 The Princes Trilogy Hoyt, Elizabeth, Current
93 Ice Stuart, Anne, Current
94 Writer Friends Gibson, Rachel, Current
95 Nightkeepers Andersen, Jessica, Current
96 Lady Julia Grey Raybourn, Deanna, Current
97 Dead Wrong Alden, Jami, Current
98 Predator Brennan, Allison, Current
99 Stars of Mithra Roberts, Nora, Current
100 Mackenzie Family Saga Howard, Linda, Current
101 Wild Wulfs of London Thompson, Ronda, Current
102 Dream Man Ashley, Kristen, Current
103 Terry McCaleb Connelly, Michael, Current
104 Castles Ever After Dare, Tessa, Current
105 Sultry Springs Beckett, Macy, Current
106 I Team Clare, Pamela, Current
107 Maggie O'Dell Kava, Alex, Before Evil (#13) 92% (12 of 13)
108 Spindle Cove Series Dare, Tessa, Current
109 Rules of Scoundrels MacLean, Sarah, Current
110 Lodestone Adair, Cherry, Current